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Formula 1

How to watch Formula 1 in the 2022 season - all available ways

We also thought and found several options for watching Formula 1. Let's make a reservation right away - this material contains recommendations, the final choice will be yours


Interested fans have already looked at the list of official TV broadcasters, there are several dozen of them. You need to find an unofficial IPTV provider that picks up a satellite signal. There are quite a few such services. Subscribing to them costs between 100 and 500 rubles, depending on which provider you have chosen. F1 2022 m3u iptv playlists you can find here.

Warning. As in the previous case, get ready for a broadcast delay of one to two minutes. Still, IPTV services organize the broadcast unofficially, hence the picture freezing, sound problems, lags are possible.


Formally, the official streaming service F1 TV also refused to broadcast in our country. They are currently unavailable, and fans who watched the championship in this way cannot renew their subscription - an error appears on the site. On March 18, Formula 1 canceled all subscriptions issued through Russian bank cards, but if yours is preserved, then you can continue to use the service using the VPN of the country in which F1 TV continues to work officially. Free iptv formula 1 channels, m3u lists free.

Another option is to enlist the help of friends or relatives living abroad: they can subscribe using their bank card, and you can use the service using a VPN. Let's open one little secret: at the time of writing this material, it was possible to purchase a subscription to Formula 1 broadcasts from the official Turkish broadcaster S Sport and S Sport Plus.

Warning. No one can now guarantee that F1 TV will work underground in our country for a long time. Your account can be blocked at any time, you will have to forget about the amount paid. If you subscribe, then do it for a maximum of a few months.

Satellite TV

The most legal and reliable watching of the racing series live is possible with the help of satellite TV. Of course, Sky Sports, ESPN, other American and Western European channels. It is worth looking for such offers from other companies. Moreover, some of them can broadcast Formula 1 not only thanks to the “dish”, but also due to the same IPTV receiver. There is money saving here.

Warning. To purchase satellite television, you will have to fork out seriously. Suffice it to say that a set of satellite British Sky TV equipment with the ability to watch Formula 1, use IPTV and pay per month will cost about 215 thousand rubles, and it is not a fact that this amount will not increase in the coming weeks. It is much cheaper to look at satellite TV in Italy, Spain or Germany.


Alas, torrent trackers, if assistants in watching racing competitions, are not live. The recording can always be found, even in high resolution, but for one and a half to two hours you will need to isolate yourself from the outside world.

Warning. Ready to turn off the phone, exclude all sources of information, news sites to avoid spoilers, then this option is yours. watching is possible only in the recording.

The choice is yours

Now Formula 1 fans have a simple choice: either stop watching races, or use every opportunity, even if they cost quality and extra money. As you can see, there are many options. The whole season is yet to come, so keep looking and good luck watching!

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