​How to block Ads on Smart TVs 2022: Lg, Samsung, Sony, Philips, Android tv

How to block Ads on Smart TVs 2022 (Solved)

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Commercial content is not always appropriate and often only gets in the way, especially while watching an interesting series or match. And every Internet user is thinking of getting rid of it. This topic will cover ways to disable ads and demo banners on Smart TV, as well as detailed instructions for blocking.

How the ads works

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On a TV with third-party firmware (for example, Android TV), basic utilities are responsible for showing commercials, which can always be stopped or turned off altogether. Everything will be simple here, and it will be possible to disable ads in a few clicks.

As for Smart TVs with their own original software (webOS, TizenOS) - it is much more difficult to remove advertising. Commercial content is "sewn" into the software code in the form of libraries. Simple measures will block only the advertising of third-party applications, but not the manufacturer. Therefore, more complex solutions are needed for them.

How to turn off all ads on tv

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The Smart-TV user has 3 ways to block commercials, namely:

Disconnecting the Internet.

This option is the easiest – enter the menu and network settings and deactivate it. But this is only suitable when using an offline application that does not require data exchange.

Cancel in the menu.

For many TVs, the Smart-TV interface provides an available function to disable advertising and manufacturer demonstrations (see the photo below).

Connection via a remote blocker.

Such services are an intermediary filter, and filter out unwanted content. There are WEB versions and applications.

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A specific method is suitable for each case, so they will all be discussed further.


"Smart" option of TVs of this brand works on proprietary firmware TizenOS.It has already been discussed above – disabling banners will filter out only third-party content, but it will not get rid of the annoying display of Samsung products.

The only effective option is to receive data through a remote filter. There are a lot of ad blockers on the network, but it is better to give preference to AdGuard for two reasons:

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  1. it is stable and there are never loads, which does not lead to hanging;
  2. when registering, broader filter options are available (for example, blocking porn content or any data from a specific site).

In order for all content to be filtered and to remove ads on the Samsung Smart TV, you need to run the following commands:

  • go through the menu tree "Network" – "Network Status" – "IP Settings";
  • in the "DNS Settings" section, set "Manually";
  • in the "DNS Server" window, set or
  • save changes and advertising is disabled.
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This is the IP address of the AdGuard blocker. It will delete not only incoming, but also outgoing traffic, and this is very important. Because of the code "sewn" into the software, the TV independently sends data to the Samsung server, which "responds" by displaying ads. The filter will exclude this.

A more convenient way is to install the AdGuard application. The only difference is that the management interface is located in the application, not on the site

You can find the application in the Play Store by entering the phrase AdGuard Smart TV in the search. In the list, select the very first program.

Cinque Terre Advantages and disadvantages

All settings are already set, and nothing needs to be changed anywhere – installed, turned on and forgot.

Constant synchronization with a remote service, which is responsible for processing incoming content and filtering it.


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Since 2012, TVs of this brand also work on their webOS firmware. Therefore, only one option is available – through the AdGuard blocker.

Advertising in Smart TV LG TVs is canceled as follows:

  1. in the menu, go through the sections "Network" – "Wired Ethernet connection";
  2. enter the "IP address Settings";
  3. uncheck "Automatically";
  4. specify the DNS address and save the changes.

It's interesting! Initially, WEB servers were designed to watch videos without ads in IPTV format on a PC. In the player settings, just insert the IP address and save the changes. But with the advent of Smart-TV, their use has become popular for televisions as well. An alternative way is to download a blocker program.

For all its advantages, the blocker has one serious drawback. Additional traffic is spent on processing and blocking ads, and this is even more data volume. As a result, the throughput is reduced by about 15%. This can become critical when using a network with moderate bandwidth (for example, if the connection is via a 3G modem).

Sony Bravia

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The TVs of this manufacturer are original in that they work on Linux TV OS. But this is another developer's software and it is much easier to "fight" with unwanted banners.

You can remove ads on Sony Smart TV in a few seconds:

  1. open the menu with the Home button;
  2. open the "System Settings" section;
  3. find the mode "For demonstration in the store";
  4. deactivate the items "Reset images" and "Demo mode".

It is worth noting that this is not as much advertising as basic content for showing to customers. You can use it to evaluate the quality of the image on the screen.


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These Smart TVs also have a built-in demo mode, and it will need to be removed.

How to turn off the banner on Philips Smart TV

  1. open the menu and enter the "General Settings";
  2. go to the "Location" option and select "Home" (only in this mode the advertising demonstration stops);
  3. turn off and turn on the equipment again.

Android TV

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Most Smart TV-enabled devices run on this software. The problem is complicated by the originality of the equipment, and to disable advertising in a particular case requires different actions.

But the general principle is the same for everyone:

  • you need to enter the user settings;
  • find the section with viewing modes;
  • disable all installations pointing to commercial content.

What you need to know about block TV ads more

  • What else you need to know about advertising
  • Everything seems to be fine, there is a broadcast and there are no banners – the goal has been achieved. But not everything is so clear.
When trying to block commercial content, it is important to take into account such nuances:
  1. Advertising from the manufacturer on the TV and from a third–party application are different things.
  2. Disabling demos and displays will not prohibit the widget from displaying banners on its own.
  3. When viewing, the remote blocker works not only by filtering ads, but also by turning off important data (for example, notification of a new update from the manufacturer).
  4. Content providers aren't always stupid. Some services stop functioning fully when using blockers or VPN.

In some cases, it is more reasonable to use the method of disconnecting from the service itself. For example, a paid subscription without advertising at most online cinemas is only 1-2 dollars, and Youtube video hosting offers up to 3 months of free use of a Premium account.


It is not difficult to disable ads in Smart TV and there are several ways for the user to do this.

But when blocking ads, it is important to remember:

  • this does not guarantee the full operation of a particular application or service;
  • in this way, you can block not only unwanted, but also important data;
  • consider the service of paid disconnection, because its price may be within reasonable limits.
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