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How to download and install apps on Philips Smart TV

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Modern equipment is comparable in its capabilities to a PC, but first it needs to be upgraded. Among the highlights is the selection and download of widgets. This topic will cover the best and most popular apps for your Philips Smart TV and how to install them.

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It's important to know

Philips was one of the first to launch smart TVs and today has released a lot of lines with different capabilities.

All of them can be conditionally divided into two generations, which differ in the application store:

Google play.

This service is the main service for all Android TV devices released before 2012, inclusive.

App gallery.

Philips brand store, which is used by all modern models to download programs. Support for the Play Store has also been preserved.

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In general, Philips Smart TVs are convenient precisely because Google Play works for everyone (which cannot be said about the leading brands LG and Samsung with their own platforms). This is a huge plus, allowing you to synchronize your own phone with your TV and exchange data without additional devices.

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Below are all the ways to download apps on your Philips Smart TV:

  1. App store
  2. USB port install
  3. ForkPlayer

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At the app store

As already discussed above, there are two services for downloading utilities - Google Play and App Gallery. Each of them has its own interface and control.

Cinque Terre To install the program from the Play Market, you will need the following steps:

  • Log in or create a new Google Account (users of other devices on the Android platform should already have it, you can use it);
  • open the Google Play widget on the home screen;
  • select from the list of recommended or enter the name of the utility and click on "Install";
  • when the "Install" button changes to "Open" the program will be already installed.

Advice! Play Market supports streaming downloads. If the widget turned out to be too “heavy” and takes a long time to install, you can close the page and move on to searching for another one.

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How to download apps on Philips Smart TV in App Gallery:

  1. create a Philips account: https://www.philips.com/myphilips/login;
  2. log in to the app store;
  3. choose the program you like and click "Install".

At the end the downloaded utility will appear on the main widget screen.

Important! It is not necessary to use a Philips account to download from the App Gallery store. But it will be required when making purchases.

USB Install

You cannot directly install third-party Smart TV apps on your Philips TV, especially older series.

Therefore, you will need to use a USB drive:

  1. it can be a flash drive or an external HDD;
  2. any smartphone or tablet in USB mass storage mode.

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If you have a modern phone at hand, it is best to turn it into a drive and connect it to a TV. It is enough to enter the connection settings and activate the "USB storage" mode. After the physical memory of the gadget automatically becomes a FAT32 flash drive and the TV recognizes it as a removable device.

The process of installing applications on Philips Smart TV by USB

  • format the drive in the FAT32 system and create a userwidget folder;
  • download the desired application in an archive or in APK format and transfer it to a new folder;
  • insert it into the USB port of the TV and go to the Smart TV option;
  • wait until a notification about connecting a new device appears on the screen and the download begins.

Several programs can be moved to the userwidget folder at once and all of them will be installed on the TV at once in sequential order.

Attention! After loading the USB drive, you need to pull it out, otherwise, after rebooting the TV, the widgets will be reinstalled.

There are no special sites for third-party widgets and they are hosted on various forums and file hosting sites. . To find an unofficial application of interest, it is enough to enter its name in the search engine and download it on one of the sites.

Files on the side can be infected with a virus that TVs have no protection against. Therefore, before installation, it is recommended to check the USB flash drive from the installers on the computer with an antivirus.

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Install apps on Philips Smart Tv by ForkPlayer

This universal program can do almost everything. Among its options is a built-in WEB-browser, which will be used to install applications (including third-party ones).

To download programs to Philips Smart TV via ForkPlayer, follow these steps:

  1. change DNS1 and DNS2 to and respectively in the network settings (you will need to sign in to your Philips account);
  2. open the Megogo application, and if it is not there (on old TVs from 10-11), then Tvigle.
  3. wait for ForkPlayer to load.

If automatic synchronization of applications with a remote server is enabled, then the above widgets do not need to be opened - the download will begin immediately after the change of DNS addresses.

On the main screen, open the ForkPlayer program, select the HTML operating mode - an interface resembling a WEB browser will open. Now you can open a page with a third-party utility and download it. Upon completion, change the DNS address.

Attention! DNS change is needed not only for downloading ForkPlayer, but also for downloading programs from unknown sites. Therefore, you should not return the original values in the settings immediately after installing the player.

TOP apps 2022

Below it is proposed to get acquainted with the popular widgets that are currently relevant for Philips Smart TV.

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For TV

To watch interesting interactive TV channels, there are the following application options:

Internet broadcasting.

Popular channels that broadcast on the network release their own widgets for easier viewing. They can control the broadcast, as in IPTV.

Online TV.

They offer to watch hundreds of federal and entertainment programs for free (for showing ads) or for a fee.

From IPTV operators.

Their services are comparable to online services, but the quality of services and their cost are much higher.

It is worth noting that the last two operate on the same principle. You can watch for free with ads, or without it with a monthly billing.

Online cinemas

There are a lot of sites for watching films and movies but it is enough to install several popular online movie theaters:


Great base of cinemas and Tv shows and series


The largest foreign service offering films from the world's leading studios, as well as content from its own release.

Media players

Where is Smart TV without a player? If ForkPlayer was previously configured to download applications, it can also be used to play multimedia and IPTV. As a simple player for regular music and videos, you can install a simpler VLC player. It supports lists of IPTV interactive TV playlists.

Attention! Philips Smart TV has a preinstalled MediaPlayer app that you can use right away. But there is one drawback - you cannot update its codecs to recognize media files with a new extension. The codec base increases only with the TV firmware update.

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WEB browser

The large screen TV is great for surfing or streaming online, especially with a keyboard.

For Philips TV it is best to install these browsers:

Google Chrome.

Highly recommended for those who prefer to work with Google services. This browser has built-in extensions to support its sites (Google Drive, etc.).

Yandex browser.

A similar option, only focused on the Runet and working with the services of the same name.

Firefox TV.

A universal browser optimized for Smart TV as much as possible. It is most convenient to control from a conventional push-button remote control.

Also, Philips TVs already have Puffin TV pre-installed, but it’s not very comfortable to work with. But it can be used as a last resort (for example, to download a new browser after flashing the TV).

Useful Applications

In addition to the above programs, you can also install utilities that will make using your Philips Smart TV as convenient and useful as possible.

Video services.

At a minimum, download Youtube and Rutube widgets, which host millions of videos.


Weather forecast services, movie posters, bus schedules, a calculator, etc. They do not require a lot of memory, but in a particular situation they can help out well.

Social networks and messengers.

Of the pre-installed, there is only Facebook. In addition to it, you can download VK, OK.ru, Whatsapp, Skype, Telegram, etc. on Philips TV.


These are file managers, text editors, archivers, connection managers, etc. Of the specific programs, we can recommend TotalCommander, Notepad and WinRAR.

Attention! Most of the suggested apps on Philips Smart TV may or may not be found in the App Gallery store. But they can always be downloaded from Google Play.


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Depending on the type of gaming service, it is necessary to consider various options:

  1. There are a lot of offline games in the Play Market, but you need to take into account the hardware of the TV. Here we need an approach, as well as to installing games on a PC - take into account the capabilities of the video adapter and RAM.
  2. For online games, it is important to support a specific version of the Flash player. If not, you will need to install this plugin. You may not be able to do without updating the firmware.

Even an old Philips TV will pull simple toys. And to play something more serious with beautiful graphics, it is better to consider online services.

Expert advice Sergey

Some games can be optimized specifically for remote control, others require a keyboard or even a mouse (they can be replaced by a special Philips Air Mouse remote control). This must be taken into account and it is better to study the description of the game before downloading.

Download problems

Widget installation on Philips Smart TV may not always go through, below are the solutions to the main problems:

The app is not full screen.

In the Play Market, all utilities for phones, set-top boxes and TVs are collected in a heap. Probably, you have downloaded a program for smartphones whose screen resolution is not higher than 1080 and has the same maximum. Therefore, it will not take up the entire 4K TV screen. Be sure to read the description before downloading.

The problem of aspect ratio mismatch is more relevant for games

  1. No internet connection after changing DNS to ForkPlayer server address.
  2. In this case, the same DNS values must be entered into the router's IP address settings.
  3. The game freezes.
  4. TV RAM is not enough to play it, you need to look for simpler toys.
  5. The widget is not supported.

This is due to outdated Philips Smart TV firmware that needs to be updated to the latest. Not necessarily the latest version, but the one that meets the requirements of the utility is enough.

Questions and answers

I downloaded the games, but it gave me that there is not enough memory to download add-ons, what is the reason for this?


Modern games work by synchronizing with a remote service and downloading the cache from it. Its volume for 3D games can reach several gigabytes, which need to be freed up in the TV memory.

I have an old Philips TV with Smart TV, I didn’t know about the App Gallery, if I update the firmware the store will be available?


No, it only works for those models that originally supported it.

I recently bought a new Philips and it has a lot of system widgets, they also take up memory, can I delete them?


Some (player, browser) are possible, but there is one point - they are included in the firmware and appear again after each update. Therefore, it is better to leave these applications (for example, as a fallback if the same ForkPlayer or Google Chrome fails).

Can I use my login on two Philips Smart TVs?


Google account - yes, regardless of the device. But there is no Philips account - you will have to create a new one.

How to uninstall an application?


In Google Play, just select the "Downloaded" item, go to the unnecessary widget and click "Delete". The procedure is similar for programs with App Gallery, but to remove it you need to log in to your Philips account (even if the utility is free and installed without authorization).

I found a good widget, great for IPTV, but I can’t put it on Philips. What can be done?


You can install it on another device and duplicate it on the TV screen. How to do this, the example in the topic below will help.


There are so many apps on your Philips Smart TV for everything from TV to games.

But when installing widgets, it is important to remember:

  1. not all of them are optimized specifically for Smart TV and you need to study their description;
  2. the hardware has limited performance, on which the support of a particular utility depends;
  3. With the right approach and the right choice of applications, a Philips TV can be turned into a real “machine”, which in a number of ways will be comparable to a computer.
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