Setup vlc player to watch m3u iptv playlist android, ios, windows, linux

Setup VLC Media Player to watch IPTV on different devices

Are you looking for the player to watch a free interactive TV? This topic will review one of the best and popular IPTV program - the VLC player and setup IPTV for it.

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VLC player is a universal player that can play any kind of multimedia files. Its strong point is the support for a rich set of options tailored for watching content.

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At the same time, there are no additional plugins or utilities with a different purpose. Thanks to this, the VLC player is both functional and does not require large resources from the device, in comparison with competitors.

Top 4 advantages VLC

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  • Support for all known files (it can recognize and play any pictures, audio and video. In addition, there is a function for downloading new codecs)
  • Wide distribution (today this media player can be installed on almost any device, regardless of its platform and purpose)
  • Optimal system requirements (works without delay even on budget smartphones and set-top boxes with Smart TV, while not overloading the equipment
  • But the main advantage of the media player is the ability to watch IPTV interactive television absolutely free. Its options include everything for broadcast reception and broadcast control.


It has already been noted that this player for IPTV is supported by all known platforms. But each has its own download process, so all of them need to be considered separately.


To date, TV receivers are available with a large selection of firmware for IPTV, and each has its own approach to installing a VLC player.


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How to install the VLC player on LG NetcastOS TVs can be found in the Android TV section, the method for which is described below.

As for the new models on the webOS platform, it is not available in the Content Store app store. You can watch videos in VLC on such an LG TV only through another device using duplication technology. An example of use on another application in the topic below.


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You can install the VLC player on a Samsung TizenOS TV or OrsayTV in the Samsung Apps store:

  1. open Smart Hub (central button on the remote control);
  2. go to the widget service;
  3. through the search, find by name and open it;
  4. on the next page, click "Install".

After downloading, the TV will reboot and the newly installed player can be found on the Smart Hub panel.

Computers and laptops

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Installation of the VLC player for PCs with OS Windows 7/8/10 and macOS is available on the official website of the developer - Upon completion, the installer will be saved in the computer's memory.

If the recording location is unknown, then you can go to the downloaded files in the browser and select the command to open the location folder (for example, in the Google Chrome browser, this is “Show in folder”).

Attention! After downloading, DO NOT run the installer. During the installation process, you will need to perform some steps, which will be discussed below.

Android Smart TV boxes

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Unlike TVs, Smart receivers have other types of firmware installed. Consequently, the download of any applications is different.

Apple TV

The VLC player is available for all tvOS consoles starting from the 4th generation. For earlier versions of devices, you can organize screen duplication from your gadget.

You can install it on Apple TV in the AppStore - The same program (VLC for Mobile) can be installed on iPhones and iPads.

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Universal platforms

The following describes how to install VLC and configure IPTV on operating systems that are equipped with several types of devices.


But almost all Smart set-top boxes, smartphones, as well as budget TVs work on this platform. Some TVs (LG, Philips) may have an original interface and even a proprietary widget store - but the firmware is the same, Android TV.

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How to install VLC on an Android device - instruction:

  • make sure the Internet is working for online downloads;
  • open the Google Play app and sign in to your Google account;
  • enter the name in the search bar and go to the application page in the results;
  • click on "Install".
  • When the pressed button changes to "Open", the player will be installed and can be found in the application list.

It is worth noting that there is no technical difference between the Android and Android TV platforms, and the latter is only mentioned as a device definition (for Smart TV). There is only one player in the Play Store for any equipment.


This operating system is present on computers, some TVs, as well as modern TV set-top boxes. Regardless of the device you use, you will have to use a WEB browser, because You can download the player only on the official website -

It is worth noting that there is a player option for various OS versions based on the GNU kernel (Mint, Ubuntu, etc.).

Primary settings

When you launch the app for the first time on your Smart TV or phone, you will need to run two commands:

  • allow access to files and storage;
  • select the types of playable formats.
  • At the second stage, be sure to select audio and video - now when you click on media files in the manager, they will open in the media player. Also mark "Others" and select the M3U and M3U8 formats - these are the extensions of IPTV playlists.

It is also recommended to add the PLS extension, because. some PC players record playlists of regular media files in it.

On computers, the installer was initially loaded and now you need to open it. Installation will begin, during which you will be prompted to select extensions, files with which will be automatically linked to the player.

Attention! In Windows 10, if M3U files are already linked to one player, the system will not give permission for this operation to another. In this case, you can change the recognition program through the properties by right-clicking on the icon of any M3U playlist and select the desired program. Be sure to click "Apply".

IPTV settings

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To start watching interactive TV, just open the playlist:

  1. launch VLC player;
  2. open the "Media" tab;
  3. select "Open file".

After that, the file system tray will open, in which you need to go along the path of the hosted IPTV playlist and select it. The first channel in the list will start playing.

If there is no physical file, then the “Insert link” option is selected in the tab and indicate the address bar where the IPTV playlist is located.

Expert advice


In the future, in order not to constantly open the file and not specify a link, recently played playlists can be launched in one click. To do this, in the "Media" tab, just click on "Open from recent". A list of the 10 most recently played IPTV playlists will open.

Advanced Features

VLC Media Player is a sophisticated media platform that can not only play files and IPTV. To expand the capabilities, you need to install additional plugins. See the example below for how to download them.

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Questions and answers

I began to hang this player in a terrible way, what's the problem?


This is due to the work of a large number of plugins that load the device's RAM. You can solve the issue by closing some of them (go to the plugin itself and exit from its interface).

How to update this player?


Through its interface, by going to "Help" => "Check for updates" or in the application management menu.

In the last ten playlists and in the tray, ordinary playlists and IPTV channel lists are mixed up, can they be somehow distinguished?


Alas, there is no such option.

I have a computer and a phone and a TV, but I can not decide on the device. Which is the best version of VLC?


The most optimized and functional version of the player is provided for the Windows operating system. This is partly due to the fact that it was originally a regular media player for PCs since Windows 98.


The VLC player will be a great option for watching IPTV playlists on devices that are not powerful in terms of performance. It requires few resources, is not very simple and has an advanced interface.

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