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Top 5 browsers for Samsung Smart TV

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When the Internet is available on Smart TV, visiting WEB pages becomes an integral part of its use. But for them, you still need to select and install a browser for your Smart TV. This topic will help you find out what widgets are for surfing and why their functionality is important.

What you need to know

Cinque Terre

Surfing from the TV looks quite comfortable - you can find movies, games, communication on the net. At the same time, everything is done lying on the couch and looking at the big screen.

But you also need to know the features of each such application, because the functionality depends on them. The latter, in turn, opens up more opportunities for networking.

When choosing a WEB browser for Smart TV, it is important to consider the following features:


Some have poor TV optimization or none at all. At first, when installing such a widget, there may not be any differences. But with the start of control, it becomes clear that the remote control is not the most suitable device. The fact is that most browsers work for smartphones with a touch screen. And although they are available for download on a TV (Android TV), not all are convenient.

HTML version.

This is an important point, because older versions cannot process all valid scripts on the site. For example, with only HTML5 support, a browser can play Flash content without a corresponding player, which is quite difficult to install or update on a TV.


When using a specific WEB-browser, you can also get to other useful services of this developer (working environments, virtual space, etc.). In many situations, they help out a lot, although they are not mandatory for using Smart TV and surfing the net.


As a rule, these are micro-utilities that go in addition to the browser and expand the functionality of the WEB user interface. Often they can replace entire applications that cannot be installed separately.

Only after considering these points, you can proceed to select and download a WEB browser to your TV.

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The browser is a normal application, like any other program. Hence, it can be installed in your widget store.

How to install a WEB browser on a TV with Smart TV?

Gregory Hill - iptv expert:

  1. enter the application list;
  2. open a widget store;
  3. through the search, find and select the desired browser;
  4. click on the installation and wait for completion.

Some devices may require a reboot and this is normal.

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During the download process, you may encounter the following errors:

Not enough memory.

Remove one of the less important applications or consider a "lighter" browser. Their weight can reach from several to hundreds of megabytes (Google Chrome).

This device is not supported.

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You need to update the firmware to a newer version that the widget will work with. Attention! In the second case, the reverse situation is also relevant - the firmware is new, and the widget is not supported, because. it is released for older versions of platforms and the developer has not released updates for a long time. The solution is to roll back the firmware to an earlier version or choose a different browser.


This method is universal and in most cases equally suitable for installing a browser for Smart TVs.

If for some reason it is not possible to download the program through the application store, this can be done via a USB flash drive.

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Browser setup on the TV by USB:

  • format the flash drive in the FAT32 system;
  • create a /userwdget folder and give it general access rights (RMB on the icon and enter properties);
  • transfer the downloaded archive to it (if the installer is loaded, then it must be archived in ZIP format);
  • insert the USB flash drive into the USB port of the TV, wait for the device to be recognized and installed.
Expert advice - Mick Landon

If you have a modern smartphone at hand, you don’t need a flash drive. In the phone's file manager, you can create the necessary folder (without prior formatting!), And then switch it to USB storage mode and connect it to the equipment. The TV recognizes the device as a flash drive. The browser will appear in the list of main applications on the Smart TV panel.

TOP 5 browsers on Smart TV

  • Puffin tv 4/5
  • Opera 2/5
  • Yandex 3/5
  • Google Chrome 1/5
  • firefox 5/5

The user rating is based on the opinion of the viewers! Below are five of the most popular WEB browsers that users prefer to use on their TV.

Puffin tv

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It comes by default on some TVs, and this is very good - its model is optimized not just for Smart TV, but for a specific model.

As a result, convenience and efficiency of use is guaranteed for any sites.

Pros and cons

  1. quality interface
  2. no need to install (already included in the firmware)
  3. not functional enough for an advanced user

Opera Browser

Cinque Terre

Well-known WEB-browser for any devices. What's more, Opera is the first of the biggest surf apps ever, dating back to the era of feature phones.

Its unique feature can be called synchronization with other devices. It is enough to register on one of them and when you enter from the other, all information will be available. For example, if you register on a smartphone and log in to the TV, both will have a bookmark database and the latest browsing history.

The Opera browser is the most popular for budget TVs and Android TV boxes.

Pros and cons

  1. universal, for any platform
  2. configurable compression options that allow you to select the list of data loaded from the page and their caching (text only, with pictures, scripts, pop-up windows, etc.)
  3. no extended functionality (suitable only for surfing, chatting and games)

Yandex browser

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Application from the famous service of the same name. Despite the optimization for Smart TV, there may be problems when installing the latest TV firmware on an older version.

When registering with Yandex, along with the browser, the user gets access to useful WEB services (EPS, virtual space, mail, etc.).

Pros and cons

  1. many services focused on Runet
  2. fast loading even "weighty" pages
  3. no additional features on the user side, only through a remote Yandex server

Google Chrome

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Today it is the most advanced browser in the world. It features great functionality, fast page loading, and at the same time a convenient control panel that is easy to learn.

And TVs are no exception - in the Smart TV sector, Google Chrome is gradually replacing other applications for viewing WEB pages.

Pros and cons

  1. many extensions that increase the functionality of the utility (without the use of external WEB services, like Yandex.Browser)
  2. full page caching (while maintaining the functionality of all scripts)
  3. large weight (from 80 MB and above, depending on the number of additional extensions)

Firefox tv

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Another already well-known browser, which is now available on TVs. FireFox or as the people call it "Fox" differs from the rest in its versatility and balance.

It can selectively cache and compress pages, but not to the point where even text cannot be read (which is not the case with Opera's compression). There is support for extensions, but there are not many of them and all of them are important just as additions to surfing.

The FireFox TV app is recommended for anyone who wants to get the most out of their web browser without turning the hardware into a computer.

Pros and cons

    balanced functionality (everything is there, supports any sites and scripts)

    frequent updates (new version comes out almost every month)

    cannot be installed on an old TV, support for older browser versions is rapidly ending


Having considered the main browsers, we can conclude that there are programs for accessing the network for all cases. With some, you can simply communicate on the Internet and at the same time accumulate a minimum of cache and at a limited speed. Others, thanks to their micro utilities, turn into a whole developer tool.

Gregory "IPTV expert"

For example, Google Chrome with its YouTube extensions, file manager and VPN services turns almost into an independent platform, and you can forget about other widgets with it. Still others are balanced in terms of functionality / simplicity.

But it is important to take into account the following points:

The hardware has limited RAM.

The more functional the browser, the more processes it has going on and it requires a lot of free RAM memory to work. For example, for stable operation without freezes, Yandex.Browser requires 1 GB, and FireFox TV or Google Chrome in its “naked” form (without extensions) from 2 GB.

With the addition of extensions, caching also grows.

It's simple - if a regular browser accumulates only WEB page data in the cache, then the YouTube or OKKO extension will also save the video that was opened earlier and not viewed. When using a large number of micro-utilities for the browser, in a couple of days caching can reach several Gigabytes in volume and fill the entire TV memory.

View mode.

Unlike ordinary surfing, the Internet on TV is also used for other purposes. Each utility implements this option differently. For example, Safari has a “Reading Mode”, Opera Browser activates the “load only text” item, and others may not have it.

Bookmark import.

This option is important for those who have been using one browser for a long time and want to switch to another. In this case, all bookmarks, from one, can be recorded in another application. Thanks to this, you do not have to open a widget that is no longer in use and can be deleted. To perform the operation, imports must also be supported on the old program (otherwise they will not be able to be transferred to the new browser).

Questions and answers

Mirko "IPTV expert"

Did you recommend the Dolphin browser, is it worth a try?


It has a nice looking theme but is otherwise very similar to Puffin TV. If the latter is already familiar and not liked, then installing Dolphin is not recommended.

I have a Samsung E series, it came out back in 2013. I found an old version of FireFox for it on the network, will it work?


It is clearly no longer supported by the browser developer, so the operation of individual options is not guaranteed.

I bought a fairly powerful Android set-top box, 8 GB of RAM, can I safely install Google Chrome?


Of course, as well as install all the extensions used by Google services (disk, PDF reader, etc.). At the same time, it is not recommended to load the application with extensions that are also available as separate widgets (Gmail, YouTube).

How to update the browser on Smart TV?


Like any other application through the widget control menu. And if the standard function is not available, then delete the current one and download a new version, or update the software (if installation and updating are not provided for the hardware).


There are many browsers available on TVs with their own capabilities. But in order to choose the most suitable and convenient of them, two points need to be made:

  • what the user wants to receive from the WEB-browser;
  • what kind of hardware the equipment used.

And only after proceed with the installation.

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